CHRIS SLADE Says AC/DC Was MALCOLM YOUNG’s Band: ‘He Ran The Show Musically And Any Other Way’

Chris Slade Malcolm Young

In a new interview with Canada’s The Metal Voice, former AC/DC drummer Chris Slade talked about the inner workings of Australian rockers.

“It was Malcolm [Young]’s band. It’s not Brian Johnson‘s band it’s not Angus [Young]’s band. It was Malcolm‘s band, he ran the show musically and any other way I suppose.  Angus had the input with the the songwriting of course.  Malcolm was a genius guitarist, the best rhythm player I have ever worked an absolute genius. He was always on time and he just played fantastically well and made my job so easy.”

When speaking about working with Axl Rose, who stepped in as AC/DC‘s lead singer in 2016 after Johnson was advised to stop touring due to worsening hearing loss, Slade said: “I was amazed at the the way Axl sounded actually. I didn’t know he had that voice  and he used to warm up before show for two hours every day and warm down for an hour afterwards. I know ’cause I was next door to him. He’d have his piano there and he’d be playing the scales and singing the scales and so he was very much concerned about his voice and the way he sung. And he sung great.”

 When asked what it felt to leave AC/DC, he said: “Malcolm called me, he says nothing you not doing, nothing you haven’t done but we’re going to trying out Phil [Rudd] on drums and I thought well that’s me gone. I said to him that’s me gone, well because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it is exactly what I said to him. So I resigned on the spot. I was devastated, that’s why I resigned. I was doing demos for Ball Breaker at the time, just demos in a studio. So I’ve been working with them for like two three months already on those demo most and uh this came out of the blue it’s just a thunderbolt out of the blue.” 

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