CRADLE OF FILTH Guitarists Share Their Opinion On BILLIE EILISH Wearing Their Band’s T-Shirt

Cradle of Filth Billie Eilish

In a new interview with, CRADLE OF FILTH guitarists Richard Shaw and Marek ‘Ashok’ Šmerda talked about pop superstar Billie Eilish wearing some of their band’s merch.

Ashok said: “I do not see any problem here. Maybe they just like CRADLE OF FILTH music. I do love a lot of different music genres myself, sometimes surprise even my close mates as they would not expect metalhead to be open-minded at such level.”

Richard added: “I love it. If they love the band, amazing. If they don’t, still amazing. Anything that gets the word of the band out into the mainstream, I’m all for it. It’s great that CRADLE‘s name is synonymous with controversy after all these years.”

CRADLE OF FILTH releases their latest studio album, Existence Is Futile, on October 22nd via Nuclear Blast Records. You can check it out on Amazon here. Existence Is Futile features new keyboardist and backing vocalist Anabelle Iratni.

Describing the album’s style, frontman Dani Filth said: “Fast and slow parts (and faster still), new delectable flavours and those reminiscent of earlier COF albums galore, massive choruses and melancholic drop-downs, old skool melodic NWOBM amid furious, scathing black metal amid apocalyptic groove. But I would say it’s not very different from Cryptoriana. It’s not as intricately laced. That album spoke of the times it was trying to assimilate and represent. This album is about existential terror. The threat of everything. The end of the world, the end of one’s life, existential dread. A little hope, I guess in there. It’s a CRADLE OF FILTH record. The songs are strong. They’re extreme, but it’s a mixture of everything.

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