DEICIDE’s GLEN BENTON Has No Idea Why He Burnt An Inverted Cross Into His Forehead

Glen Benton

In a new interview with Metal Hammer, DEICIDE frontman Glen Benton has explained why he burned an inverted cross into his forehead.

The 56-year-old singer and bassist justified the drastic and notorious act as a protest against his own christening.

“I think I was only 22 when I burned the inverted cross into my forehead,” he said. “The spirit moved me, man!

“To this day, I don’t know what the f**k I was thinking, but I knew that I had been christened Catholic as a child, and I felt that the best way to take care of that would be my symbolic way of taking that Catholic mark off of my skin,” Glen continued.

“I’ve always been that kid in the picture who’s got that twisted look and the smile on his face, and when I got to an age where I could start being me, I just started being me.

“Now that my two sons are both grown and off in the world, I find myself back to being that guy again, that guy that branded a cross on his forehead.”

Furthermore, Benton discussed his childhood in a religious household, revealing that his anti-Christian stance was shaped by being raised by a Lutheran mother and a Catholic father.

He said: “When I was eight years old and forced against my will to participate in the Christmas play at the church my mother was a Sunday school teacher at, I was singing at the front of the church thinking, ‘How did I get myself into this s**t?’.”

“My father’s side of the family were Catholic and my mother’s Lutheran, so I got the worst of both worlds. It’s beaten into me, so I can’t sing about anything else. If I try to sing about other things, I draw a complete blank. I let the universe speak through me, and if I have to force it, it just won’t come.”

DEICIDE released their latest studio album, Banished By Sin, on April 26 via Reigning Phoenix Music.