DOYLE Says Is ‘So Easy’ To Work With His Girlfriend ALISSA WHITE-GLUZ

Doyle and Alissa

MISFITS guitarist Doyle was recently by Jimmy Black. Few of the excerpts follow below (as transcribed by

Alissa’s got a solo album in the works. Are you looking at contributing some riffage to that?

“Um, I wrote two things, I think she’s going to use one of them, and she just has to write the vocals on it.

“And I didn’t record the guitars for real yet, but I made a demo and I don’t know what key she wants it in, that’s what I’ll tune it to and do that.”

So, she lent her vocals to a song on this album [2017’s ‘Doyle II: As We Die’]. Are you looking to do something again?

“I will probably find a spot.”

It’s good to be at work together?

“Yeah, it’s really, you know, so easy. She was going to the studio to do somebody’s something, she’s working on something, she’s like, ‘Hey, I’ll just do that song.’

“She gets there, she’s, like, ‘Okay, what do you want?’, got to the middle part, ‘I want some kind of angelic, creepy, scary vampire sh*t.’ They roll it, she does it and, ‘You like it?’.’ ‘Yes, exactly.'”

You guys should re-do ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside.’

“We’re thinking about doing some covers and just put them out on iTunes, you know.”

If you do something like that, what ideas do you have?

“For covers – tons of sh*t. I don’t want to give it away, but they’re all songs she would just rip up.”

We’re at a singles-driven era of music, much like it was in the ’50s. Whatever the newest single is, you get that and then maybe the B-side… So, you’re doing some singles with covers, sometimes that’s how people end up on the radio. There was Fear Factory – when they re-did ‘Cars,’ they ended up on adult contemporary radio, and I guess they didn’t even realize that that was a metal band. Sometimes that ends up happening.

“I know. Back in the ’50s, you would just cover somebody’s song that just came out and it would be a hit, it’s amazing.”

We’re kind of in that weird era again, you got the same songs on two ends of the spectrum – strange thing. We’re going to read some viewer mail, got a couple of things. Danielle asks, ‘What is your favorite vegan meal?’

“Um, Italian food is my favorite. You give me some good Italian food, there’s a place in New York called John’s on 12.

“It’s John’s or Johnny’s, I’m not sure, I always read John’s but I’m dyslexic, so I don’t know. It’s on 2nd Avenue and 12th, they make ravioli and avocado bruschetta, it’s good.”

You’ve had a few adoption requests and marriage proposals. Somebody asks, ‘Do you play bass on the albums with a pick or with your finger?’

“I use a human skull as a pick. I use the pick, yeah.”

Andy and John from New Jersey – ‘Would you offer your signature guitar again in the future’?

“I have a company right now making it, they’re making a prototype, it’s been taking them for quite some time. I forgot to call them today, I forgot that it was the weekday, and I will call them tomorrow. How’s that?”

Brandon Lee asks, ‘Has there ever been a lyric or subject matter that Alex [Story, vocals] presents that’s gone too far as ‘We can’t put that on the record’?’

“No, I kind of, like, tell them, ‘Don’t sing about this, this, this, and that.'”

What’s going to go on a Doyle record?

“He’s a genius, that’s what he is. I send him the music and it comes back just like it is on the album and I’m just, like, ‘Holy sh*t.'”

Chirs Holland asked will there be any upcoming collaborations with Alisa which you had already touched on.

“I would say yes on her record; I’m sure I’ll find a spot for her on something else.”

Any last words for your fans out there?

“Yeah, please stop stealing music, please. You’re gonna just have Justin Bieber and all that kind of sh*t, and that’s what you’re gonna get because that’s what you’re gonna get.”