EDDIE VEDDER Performs Emotional First Show After CHRIS CORNELL’s Death (Video)

On May 27, Eddie Vedder performed his first concert following Chris Cornell‘s death.

As Alternative Nation reports, Vedder was visibly emotional throughout the show, with one fan describing the concert as “pretty much entirely about Chris without directly mentioning him.”

As someone from the crowd screamed “I love you!”, Eddie said:  “Thank you. I need it – we all need it. I’m thinking of a lot of people tonight, and some in particular and their families. I just know that healing takes time, if it ever happens. It takes time, and that means you have to start somewhere. So let it be music. Let it be love and togetherness. And let it be Amsterdam.”

Another fan reports: “The show was pretty much entirely about Chris without directly mentioning him. It was clear Eddie couldn’t bring himself to talk about it head on. He spoke a little how the healing process can start with music and made numerous references to how sad he was and how much he and his friends were struggling.”Frankly it is the bravest performance I have ever seen. At times it seemed like he was a word or two away from breaking into tears. He mumbled more than usual, he violently stamped into the floor on ‘Immortality’ and others and after ‘The End’ I thought he was ready to just walk off and not play anymore.

“There were funny moments and he picked up in the second half. You could hear the crowd emotionally gasp when ‘Light Years’ started. On the outro to ‘Sometimes’ he cried out ‘Where were you, dear God?’ It was heartbreaking…”

The setlist was as follows (watch fan-filmed video footage below):

1. Long Road (Pearl Jam)
2. Trouble (Cat Stevens)
3. Sometimes (Pearl Jam)
4. Can’t Keep (Pearl Jam)
5. Sleeping By Myself
6. Without You
7. Longing to Belong (with Jonas Pap playing cello)
8. The Needle and the Damage Done (Neil Young)
9. I Am Mine (Pearl Jam)
10. Light Years (Pearl Jam)
11. Good Woman (Cat Power)
12. Far Behind
13. No Ceiling
14. Guaranteed
15. Rise
16. I’m Open (Pearl Jam)
17. Better Man (Pearl Jam)
18. Immortality (Pearl Jam)
19. Porch (Pearl Jam)
20. I’m So Tired (Fugazi)
21. Elderly Woman Behind the Counter on a Small Town (Pearl Jam)
22. Imagine (John Lennon)
23. Heroes (David Bowie)
24. Just Breathe (Pearl Jam)
25. Lukin (Pearl Jam)
26. Song of Good Hope (Glen Hansard)
27. Falling Slowly (The Swell Season)
28. The End (Pearl Jam)
29. Rockin’ in the Free World (Neil Young)
30. Hard Sun (Indio)