Energy of the Elements – 03:30 Dehuman Rise

12095022_10154260805724068_3565954729627988137_o  Maybe it’s the name of the band, or maybe the utter flamboyance of the cover itself, but before even listening to “03:30 Dehuman Rise” I strongly felt that this was going to be a power metal album, and Energy of the Elements does not disappoint with this 11-track 51-minute piece of fast paced melodic metal. Everything is just as you’d expect from a power metal band, but Energy of the Elements seem to have a slightly more intense feel to them that I don’t hear a lot out of their genre and the change is certainly welcome for me. Now, it’s not overwhelming nor is it instantly obvious, but after a while it becomes apparent and it works very well. And to add onto the intense vocals, furious guitars, and a beat that was monstrous at its weakest, Energy of the Elements puts in some keyboards that give “03:30 Dehuman Rise” a very nice edge to it that while it isn’t uncommon to have keyboards in a power metal band, they are still a powerful instrument to add a feel of both mysticism and wonder into the mix which worked out very well for this album. But by the end I couldn’t find anything very special about this album that sets Energy of the Elements apart from your run-of-the-mill, but they definitely show that they aren’t bad for their genre by any standards whatsoever. I firmly believe that this band will develop a better sound in time, and that they will make a wondrous album that every power metal fan should hear. I’m betting on it.

You can purchase “03:30 Dehuman Rise” via iTunes here, stream the entire album on Spotify here, and watch the lyric video for the track “Hiding Behind Shadows” via YouTube below.

Track Listing:

1. Episode
2. Facing the Oracle
3. The Message
4. Abyss Within
5. Never Fall Down
6. 2012
7. Follow me
8. Gloria Anima Mundi
9. Hiding Behind Shadows
10. Say Goodbye
11. Rise of the Sun