Enisum – Moth’s Illusion

I couldn’t find a better album to express how I’m feeling these days. To express all the deception, grief and loss, besides, all the pain, suffering interweaven with the greatest sadness nothing better than Enisum with “Moth’s Illusion” and its Melodic Black Metal. Yeah, my boys and girls, there are days that you look up for a decent and not cheesy way to cry out.

It’s dark day here where I live. Plumbean black clouds block the sun leaving very few room to the light. The urge of putting an end to what I feel is overwhelming. So, what do I do? I listen to music. Not plastic commercial music, but meaningful music as Enisum have to offer with “Moth’s Illusion.” That’s the Metal way of dealing with all the sorrow there is in our lives. I don’t know any other. Metal makes me escape, makes me go to far distant places, but also, gives me where to go. “Moth’s Illusion” is capable of perfectly explain the way I feel today for a huge part of me has gone. Nothing better than title tracks, in this particular case, “Moth’s Illusion” to give the best flow to all contained emotion. It expresses perfectly everything I have to say and feel. It’s ups and downs, its tempo and cadence changes, the clean vocals with harsher ones. That’s life itself compressed into only one song. Show of hands who’s never felt down south. No one here is a Vulcan to suppress emotions, I guess. I’m not, are you?

On the other hand, the power of “Last Wolf” is a catalyzer to set free any anger that remains. Enisum in “Moth’s Illusion” had the feeling of balancing slow tempo tracks with hard ones mixing perfectly the emotions. I’d say that those ups and downs are perfectly fit for an unbalanced person. Well, I guess we all are. I have no doubt about it. There are twelve tracks which in a whole mean a really sad story. It’s amazing the way Lys’s guitars express hard feelings. Sometimes they do express some kind of joy, but it soon fades through the tormented vocals and stumbling drumming. “Moth’s Illusion” is an album with existential issues. It asks all the time what’s the point, what’s the reason, among other things.

Enisum “Moth’s Illusion” was released on March 03rd via Avantgarde Music.

Track Listing:

  1. Cotard
  2. Anesthetized Emotions
  3. Where Souls Dissolve
  4. Afframont
  5. Moth’s Illusion
  6. Last Wolf
  7. Ballad Of Musinè
  8. Coldness
  9. Petrichor
  10. A Forest’s Refuge
  11. Lost Again Without Your Pain
  12. Burned Valley

Watch “Where Souls Dissolve” official video here: