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I'm just a lucky guy who has chosen metal to live with for a long time. Metal changed my life for good. It made me more confident and stronger. Metalheads are naturally far away from the mass mediocrity and don't accept impostures from anybody else. Metal is more than music, it's a life changing oportunity!

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Ezra Brooks/Serpent Rider – Visions of Esoteric Splendor Review

This is the first time I ran into a split album with only one tittle. In general both bands name their parts, I mean,...

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There is a truckload of things to say about an album called "Existence Is Futile" in the first place. Especially whether this album was...
Haiduk Diabolica

Haiduk – Diabolica Review

Some albums come with a story. This Haiduk "Diabolica" came with one because it was an album that I almost decided not to review....

Illyrian – Aegis Review

Vocalists may huff, drummers and bassists may puff, but it's undeniable the power of the guitars over Metal music. The guitar, I mean, is...

Endure the Affliction – Evolve Review

Sometimes the outcome of some Metal hybrids attracts me. Here we have Endure the Affliction with "Evolve" which is a hybrid of Extreme Metal...