Final Gasp – Mourning Moon Review

There are some funny happenings about this life of reviewer. It’s not that rare to happen to have some disagreement with the press release recording companies send us. With some info about the band and the album, some are more subtle and others are more thoroughgoing having info about the band’s career and others the band might find relevant. It has happened before to disagree with the press release about the band’s genre for many reasons. Now, it’s the first time I disagree with all the texts I read about Final Gasp and “Mourning Moon” just because I’m unable to see noticeable traces of Punk Rock or Hardcore in the album. On the other hand, I was able to notice slants of 1980’s Post Punk of bands as TSOL with not so much effort. It’s no big deal though, we are here to disagree, to agree, it doesn’t matter. What really matters is our passion for Metal music.

Musicwise, as I said before, I don’t see Punk Rock or Hardcore here. Sorry, I can’t. Final Gasp can be better explained as a band with a very personal vocalist as bands as Alice Cooper or Thor where the band bends the sound to get to vocals. Jake Murphy does have a very peculiar and personal vocals and Final Gasp bend their music to get to his voice. I’d rather say “Mourning Moon” is a cauldron of burning hot 1980’s Post Punk with some Modern Metal and some NWOBHM. This satisfies me much better. I dare to say I see on tracks like “Homebound” some influences of bands as UFO of “Nights Out” era. The clean guitar riff with full chords tells me this. On the other hand, “Botched Ritual” has some 1980’s Alice Cooper influences as it uses power chords mixed with full clean guitar chords. By the way, Van Halen used to do this a lot. Pay attention to the main guitar riff of “Pretty Woman” one of the best covers ever. On my behalf, no one would ever listen the strobe effects “Seize” have in a Punk Rock band while they abound on Prog Rock bands.

I can say one thing for sure, “Mourning Moon” is a very varied album with tracks showing many influences. Honestly, I can’t say there is a track like the other. That makes me respect a lot an album and a band because I see personality here. Also, I can’t honesty say Final Gasp don’t have their personal stapler. “Mourning Moon” is here to prove me right.

Final Gasp “Mourning Moon” will be released on November 10th via Relapse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Climax Infinity
  2. Homebound
  3. Botched Ritual
  4. Frozen Glare
  5. Seize
  6. Blood and Sulphur
  7. Mourning Moon
  8. Unnatural Law
  9. 14 Gates
  10. Temptation
  11. The Vanishing
  12. Rows of Heaven

Watch official music video here: