GLORYHAMMER Fires Singer, Members Accused Of Racism And Abuse

Photo Credit: Robert Zembrzycki

Symphonic power metallers GLORYHAMMER have fired their singer Thomas Winkler, who had been in the band since 2011 and sang on all of their releases.

Band said in a statement: “We regret to announce that Thomas Winkler is no longer a member of Gloryhammer.

“All upcoming shows (including the UK Tour with
@alestormband) will continue as planned, with a new vocalist.

“For the Eternal Glory of Dundee.”

A short time later, Winkler posted separate statement on his Facebook account revealing that he was fired via e-mail:

Then, GLORYHAMMER shared another post apologizing to the fans for not sharing more details regarding the departure with Winkler, but not offering really any more explanation.

Band wrote: “To our fans,

“We have been reading all your comments and appreciate there’s a lot of confusion, speculation, and sadness around our last message and we wanted to try and explain why we were so brief.

“Obviously we are all sad that it’s come to this, and it’s not the outcome anyone really wanted, but we felt we had no option. We currently don’t want to elaborate any further, out of respect to Tom.

“All we can promise you is that we will be back, and we will do our very best to bring you a new vocalist that lives up to your expectations so we can continue to bring you GLORYHAMMER shows and albums, better than ever.

“We want to really thank you for your understanding and kind messages of support, it’s a very sad and difficult time for us all.

Not long after news of Winkler exit started to spread, an anonymous woman accused band’s bassist James Cartwright of abusive behavior via Twitter post. Other screen shots of what is allegedly a leaked group chat between band members shows them using racist and misogynistic language, including the n-word.

It’s worth noting that ALESTORM vocalist Christopher Bowes is the keyboardist in GLORYHAMMER.

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