Grand Massive – 2

gm-2-cover2400  Imagine an album that has a real crunch to it with the guitars having a nice, gritty feel to them and the drums having a killer beat. Now imagine that crunch also having an odd smooth feeling to it at the same goddamn time. I know those two words pretty much contradict each other but stay with me! Now put very smooth vocals that have power to them all the while. That is exactly what “2” by Grand Massive sounds like. This album is 23 minutes of stoner rock that has me giving it my thumbs up in approval as all 6 tracks had a solid sound and quality feel to them that I certainly would not expect from a sophomore album. Especially when the first album was a mere two tracks, but s**t happens either way! “2” wasn’t amazing though, I will say that, but it definitely had a fantastic texture to it that fans of stoner rock and people looking for heavy rock in general will really enjoy this album because Grand Massive have created a sound that like I said is crunchy and smooth at the same f**king time. I’m still trying to figure out a better way to describe it, but all that happens is a headache. But if you want a solid album from a band that has found a sound that they can truly work with and deliver with, then look no further than Grand Massive.

You can stream “2” on Spotify here and buy the album via iTunes here.


Track Listing:

  1. Sound of War
  2. Backseat Devil
  3. I Am Atlas
  4. Woods
  5. Embracing the Eyesore
  6. My Own Sickness