GUNS N’ ROSES Calls Out Critics By Name On Twitter Over Bad Reviews For Glastonbury Concert

Guns N' Roses Glastonbury

The GUNS N’ ROSES show at the Glastonbury Festival over the weekend caused mixed reactions. Although the band’s two-and-a-half-hour set was well-received by some, others argued about their inclusion. Additionally, some viewers watching the BBC’s live broadcast reported that Axl Rose‘s voice was frequently drowned out.

Some of the fans on Twitter expressed their opinions about broadcast. Words Of Rich wrote, “It’s hard to judge GUNS N’ ROSES Glastonbury set. The band sounded fantastic, and when you could hear Axl Rose he sounded great. However when you couldn’t it made it a hard watch. I’m not sure if that’s due to his voice or sound problems.”

While Jon Sheasby added: “The greatest live band I’ve ever seen, and all you can hear is Slash‘s guitar and Frank‘s drums. Axl, Duff, Richard, Dizzy and Melissa are all buried in the mix. How do the BBC f**k it up so bad, year after year?!”

The representative for GUNS N’ ROSES‘ agency has addressed the alleged difficulties by stating that the host broadcaster was accountable for the problems with Axl‘s vocals.

Axl was in top form last night,” the agency said in an email to Wales Online. “We have dug deep into the matter, and it appears the broadcast had issues being played on certain TVs like UHDs. This was an unfortunate issue that the mix played through these TVs sounded so poorly; however, it was not the band’s fault but the BBC’s.”

In response to critical reviews of their performance, GUNS N’ ROSES took to Twitter to mention the names of the two journalists who wrote unfavorable reviews.

“It would take a lot more hate than you,” posted the band, apparently in reference to reviews that appeared in the The Telegraph and The Independent.