GUNS N’ ROSES Releases Official Music Video For New Single ‘Perhaps’

Guns N' Roses

GUNS N’ ROSES have released an official music video for their latest single, “Perhaps.”

This song, a remnant from the Chinese Democracy era, was initially set for release last Friday (August 11), but was officially released a few days later following an unexpected leak on TouchTunes machines in bars and other venues. Fans, while selecting a GN’R track at these locations, were pleasantly surprised to find the new song in the catalog. The song, which comes with what appears to be the official cover art for the single, is credited to Geffen Records, the long-time record label of the band, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group.

GUNS N’ ROSES had soundchecked “Perhaps” before their concert in Tel Aviv, Israel on June 5, but did not include it in the live performance. Nonetheless, keen fans outside the venue managed to record snippets of the rehearsal, promptly sharing the low-quality recordings online.