Infest – Psychosis (Review)

Infest Psychosis

There are few things as interesting to me than finding an act that is completely fresh to my ears, have new material from them be no less than intoxicating in many different ways, and then finding out that they’ve been around for quite some time with multiple albums and EPs to match. The underground is littered with bands like that who’ve been worthy of attention for some time now, but not enough of them float to the surface. Infest is just the latest to have done that for me, and it’s with their emergence and their new album that I definitely have some catching up to do.

When we look at what Infest brings to the table in the eleven tracks that are brought forth for the runtime of “Psychosis”, it’s critical to note that even though their sound can very well be attributed to larger acts that have made careers out of gelling death and thrash metal together, Infest still somehow manages to make the whole of this record certifiably their own without copying from any of the greats to make for an easier record to both produce and listen to. While I find some of the choruses go on for too long and some tracks can feel like they need some variety here and there, it’s outright impossible for me to look at what has been done with “Psychosis” and feel like this in any way is an album to be skipped, for anyone who chooses to pass this one by will find themselves missing the kind of record that the death/thrash underground has been starving for. There’s real speed and calculated aggression for the absolute entirety of “Psychosis” that pulls the listener in ever deeper into this massive whirlwind of blood and bone that gets all the more satisfying as it goes along with the expertise that Infest has been cultivating for years now coming into play at virtually every turn to create a sprawling expanse of unyielding fury that overcomes even its own pitfalls.

By the end of it all, “Psychosis” has presented us with a downright voracious set of aggressive tracks that are absolutely all-consuming, and I can only hope this is but the beginning of what this band is able to bring forth in their performances. Infest has truly made an experience that’s handmade for the modern connoisseur of speed and raw fury such that they are undeniably poised to make a true name for themselves in the promising expanse of death/thrash in the underground with the only missing ingredient being the ravenous fanbase they deserve.

“Psychosis” releases on June 4th! You can listen to the track, “Nuclear Deathrash” via YouTube below.

Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Schizophrenic
3. Hail Fire, Hail Death
4. …Of the Fallen Lord
5. The Last Cremation
6. Chapter I
7. Mental Warfare
8. Dissociative Within
9. Nuclear Deathrash
10. Blood For Blood
11. Chapter II