IRON MAIDEN’s BRUCE DICKINSON On His Third Marriage: ‘It’s The Calmest’ Relationship ‘I’ve Ever Had’

Bruce Dickinson 2024 EMP interview

In a recent interview with Big Issue, Bruce Dickinson of IRON MAIDEN mentioned that he isn’t sure if he’s qualified to give his younger self advice about love.

He said: “Because I’ve just got married for the third time. All I can do is just talk about my relationship right now because it’s the calmest I’ve ever had. And it’s great. We have fun, we laugh, but we’re not manic. We can be in the same room and not feel the need to go, ‘Are you all right?’ We are happy just breathing the same air. And getting married hasn’t changed that.”

In December, during an appearance on the Swedish talk show “Carina Bergfeldt,” Dickinson confirmed that he had married French fitness instructor Leana Dolci.

“I got married three weeks ago,” he said. “We got married in Paris. We were planning to do it, and then I said, ‘Well, let’s get married in France.'”

“Honestly, I thought the English invented bureaucracy, but the French have perfected it,” Bruce added. “And all my French buddies go, ‘Yes, you’re absolutely right.’ So we went along, and we have to go there and basically sort of like give all our details. So you can’t just pick a date. And you also can’t just get married anywhere. You have to get married where you live. You’re not allowed to get married anywhere else — legally married. Leana‘s got an apartment there in Paris. So we got married 400 meters down the road, at the town hall, ’cause that was the only place we could legally be married, ’cause she lived there. But to get married there, I had to prove I was English, and blah, blah, blah, and I had to get permission from the British government to marry a French citizen, and they had to publish the banns of marriage in London, and everything, and then I had to provide my waist measurement, and the inside leg, and all this other stuff, and where I lived, and everything else, and who was my witness, and his passport. And the woman said, ‘This is your witness?’ I went, ‘Yeah, yeah, that’s his passport. That’s Kevin.’ She goes, ‘This photocopy is the wrong size.’ [Laughs]”

Dickinson‘s previous marriages were with Patrice “Paddy” Bowden and Erica “Jane” Barnett. Unfortunately, his second wife, Bowden, passed away in 2020.

Dickinson released his new solo album, The Mandrake Project, on March 1 via BMG. Alongside the album, Bruce also announced an exciting collaboration with Z2 for an upcoming comic series. To the delight of the international comic community, 2,000 exclusive versions of the comic were unveiled at CCXP, adding to the excitement surrounding this extraordinary project.