Large Potrion Of TRANSCENDING RECORDS’ Stock Destroyed In A Storm

Large potrion of Transcending Records‘ stock in Chicago was destroyed during a storm. Label posted the following status on their Facebook page:

Hey guys… this is not a post anybody likes to make. But, we do not have much of a choice at this point. We do not make any money as a label. This isn’t some business that we profit off of, it’s something we put a lot of hard work into because we care about the music and want more bands to have their music available physically. Mike updates the store, sends out packages, screen prints, and does most everything physical himself when he is not doing his day job, the thing that keeps the label alive. I do my best from Florida, learning how to do more digital things such as lyric videos and merch designs to keep the outside cost to a minimum. That being said… a large portion of our stock has been destroyed by a storm in Chicago. I do not know exact numbers as of right now, but all cds P through R, Grief & Bliss, Soliloquium, OCD, Xvaleg, just about all the cassettes, a large box of Transcending shirts, metal blade stock, Mike’s guitar amp and PA, a ton of old metal and gothic overstock from the 90s, and more that hasn’t even been discovered.. We are not the type of people to ask for hand outs, and we are not going to ask. But, if you have ever wanted to buy anything from the store, now is the time. We have 4 releases coming up this November, Monolith Cult, Transylvania Stud, Valiant, and Mountaris. If any of these interest you, please check the bands out and purchase their cds. it’s not looking good for the future of Transcending Records. So, please, if you can spare any money, make a purchase. It goes a long way. It may not get out to you this week, but it will get to you. We need your support now more than ever. I will be actively responding to any messages anyone has so feel free to message the page. Thank you.

If you want to help the label by ordering something from their releases, please check their website at