LEVEL 42 Guitarist ROWLAND ‘BOON’ GOULD Died By Suicide

Rowland Gould

It has been confirmed that LEVEL 42 guitarist Rowland “Boon” Gould, who was found dead at his home on April 30 this year, had taken his own life at age 64.

Musician had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and told doctors he had suffered from depression all his life, BBC reports.

Deborah Archer, assistant coroner in Exeter, said: “Boon had a difficult and complex history which I find adversely affected his mental health. He had coped with these issues sometimes without being completely open and honest with family and friends about the degree of suffering that he was going through.”

Family doctor Clare Matthews added: “He became a successful rock guitarist and led a lifestyle characterized as heavy drinking, cocaine abuse and mental health problems which ultimately led to him retiring from the music business.”

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