Legendary Mexican – American guitarist Carlos Santana has announced to ABC Audio that he’s been quite active in the studio during the ongoing lockdown, confirming three new albums on the way.

One of the records is titled “Blessings and Miracles“, and Carlos says it is 90% complete. Announcing a special guest appearance, Santana said:

My brother Kirk Hammett from METALLICA is playing [on the album]. He’s tearing it up.

Santana reports that Steve Winwood and LIVING COLOUR frontman Corey Glover also may be featured on the album.

Interestingly enough, Kirk Hammett and LIVING COLOUR guitarist Vernon Reid have both contributed to the latest studio album by Carlos Santana‘s wife and drummer, Cindy Blackman Santana, 2020’s “Give the Drummer Some.”

Reflecting on the time the pandemic has given him to focus on being creative, Carlos added:

I just feel really, really grateful. I’m 73 and… because of this time that I’m allowed to just replenish and nourish… all the notes are like really, really juicy and powerful.”

As being asked about touring again, Santana added:

We’re all waiting patiently to get the green light. We don’t even have the yellow light yet. It’s still red.

But it’s encouraging to see that auditoriums and coliseums are starting to open up in certain places. More restaurants are opening up, it seems like slowly but surely – because of the vaccine.

Further news to be announced later on.