MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist NIKKI SIXX Called Famous Singer/Rapper R. Kelly A Child Molester In A New Tweet

In a tweet Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx called rapper R. Kelly a child molester.

The New York Times reported on Friday,

“Acquitted on charges of child pornography, accused of misconduct with underage girls, Mr. Kelly long remained embraced by the music industry. He toured widely, appearing at Grammy parties and making records with stars like Lady Gaga and Jay-Z.

But on Friday, Mr. Kelly — once one of the biggest and most influential stars in pop music — was dropped by his record company, RCA, in the music industry’s highest-profile casualty of the #MeToo era.

RCA’s agreement to part ways with Robert Kelly, confirmed by a person briefed on the move who declined to be identified because the deal was confidential, came after weeks of protests. A recent television documentary, ‘Surviving R. Kelly,’ drew wide attention for its visceral testimonials by women who said that as underage girls they had been lured into sexual relationships with Mr. Kelly, and abused by him mentally and physically.”