My Sleeping Karma – Moksha

PromoImage (40)  Sometimes you just don’t f**king see things coming, and sometimes that thing is something amazing. That’s exactly what My Sleeping Karma’s upcoming album, “Moksha”, was for me. This psychedelic instrumental rock album is an amazing piece of work that will have long time fans drooling over how good it is like for me who never even heard of My Sleeping Karma before listening to this album. The lengthy tracks after this are done extremely well with each one having enough melodies, riffs, and psychedelic feels to it that can easily satisfy anybody who loves a good sound. Then those tracks are immediately followed up by interludes of much shorter songs that are also done very, very well and it gives “Moksha” a great amount of diversity. Each and every song takes you to a new place that you were not expecting to be a part of, but will be more than welcome to venture into with the guitars and drums being so very hypnotic with all the other instruments that are used throughout “Moksha”. I’ve honestly never really been one for psychedelic rock, must leave the instrumental kind, but My Sleeping Karma have really made me rethink that and might’ve turned a new leaf for me. This genre seems so much more appealing to me now just because of “Moksha”. This album will not disappoint fans of My Sleeping Karma, it won’t for the general public, rock fans, or more metal oriented people like myself because this is so catchy and so well done that it is irresistible if you can find at least one thing to enjoy out of “Moksha”.

You can stream the opening track to “Moksha”“Prithvi”, via Spotify here, and then purchase the album via iTunes here“Moksha” comes out June 29th.


Track Listing:

  1. Prithvi
  2. Interlude 1
  3. Vayu
  4. Interlude 2
  5. Akasha
  6. Interlude 3
  7. Moksha
  8. Interlude 4
  9. Jalam
  10. Interlude 5
  11. Agni