NAPALM DEATH’s BARNEY GREENWAY Finds DONALD TRUMP’s ‘Off-The-Cuff Disregard For Other Human Beings F**king Despicable’

Napalm Death Barney Greenway

In a recent interview with “The Bludgeoning” podcast, vocalist Mark “Barney” Greenway of British grindcore pioneers NAPALM DEATH was asked if the modern political climate makes it harder or easier for him to write music.

He replied: “It’s the same. I know there’s a lot of stuff that’s a little bit exaggerated now with the Trump phenomenon, things do tend to a bit theatrical and it kind of makes things sound a bit… But it’s never been any different, really.

“You think back down the years all the stuff that’s been going on. It’s really no different. Trump‘s a bit more audacious and a bit more Mr. Theater.

“It’s actually like a stage play, this whole thing. Of course, I find some of his off-the-cuff disregard for other human beings f*cking despicable, but at the same time, it’s dressed up in this theatrical thing. So that’s almost a diversion, because it actually distracts you from some of the real stuff that’s going on, like conflicts of interests.

“Like him being a president and basically his own business interests being intermingled… And I don’t get… That’s what flabbergasts me — that that just alone hasn’t already led to impeachment.”