Motley Crue Sharon Osbourne

Throughout the ’80s, Ozzy Osbourne and his management exhibited a talent for selecting opening acts poised for future success. One such example was MÖTLEY CRÜE, who joined Ozzy on his 1984 North American tour.

During this period, MÖTLEY CRÜE was promoting their breakthrough album, Shout at the Devil, establishing themselves as one of rock’s most notorious party bands. In a recent interview with Allison Hagendorf, CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx shared a memorable anecdote about the band getting into trouble with Ozzy‘s wife and manager, Sharon Osbourne.

“We were opening for Ozzy, and Ozzy walked in the room, and let’s just say we were having more fun than we should have as the opening band, with multiple people,” Nikki said. “And Ozzy sat down and was watching. And the next thing you know we looked over Ozzy‘s back, and we’re like, ‘Uh-oh.’ There was Sharon. So, Ozzy got yelled at, they took all of our passes away, they took booze off our rider.”

In response, the band decided to take action by producing shirts. Interestingly, these shirts humorously mocked the newly imposed rules they were facing.

Nikki said: “So, we made these shirts, which probably now I think about it, was probably not a very smart move. It was a smiley face with bullet holes, that said ‘No Fun Tour.’ And on the back, it was like, ‘No sex, no drugs,’ all the no’s. We got everybody in the road crew and Ozzy and us to all wear them when Sharon walked in.”

“She wasn’t happy. But you know, we eventually got on her good grace and back to our normal shenanigans,” he added.