PHIL ANSELMO: What It Feels Like to Die

Former PANTERA singer Phil Anselmo recently talked about experiencing death and how it affected his view on life and spirituality.

Phil was pronounced dead for 4-5 minutes after going into cardiac arrest due to her*in overdose after the band’s show in Dallas, TX back in ’96. He now told Andivero“Make no mistake, I have died before, there’s no faking death. If you can imagine how you felt before you were born, it was that level of insignificance and impossibility, so I stand hard by my anti-theist views.

“I’m a staunch atheist. I wear it as no front or identity. It’s just my personal belief. The religious themselves don’t bother me really at all. Whatever it takes to have a person make it through the day. Whatever strength they can gain to help them fight through this mortal coil, more power to them, just don’t push it on me.”

And how is he’s back feeling after surgery, he responded: ” I’m at the point where it’s good days, bad days. I guess I’m at the period right now of transition. I’m trying to feel new things whilst healing from the obvious invasiveness that is back surgery.

“It’s like a battle of feelings right now. Good days, bad days. But when I do have the good days, if those are any indicators of better days to come, then I’ll take them. And yeah man, it’s tough for me to gauge right now but I shall. I’ll be alright. Thank you for asking.”