PHIL ANSELMO: Why I Don’t Make Music In Style Of PANTERA

In an interview with  The Classic Metal Show, former PANTERA singer Phil Anselmo talked about why he doesn’t make music in the style of PANTERA.

He said: “I’ve done it. It’s so well covered – PANTERA did five full records of that particular style, and I’m glad that it is documented, as all music is. As music is history. And people can enjoy it still.”

He continued: “Even when I was in PANTERA… DOWN started in 1992. I was inside bands when I first moved to Texas with my circle of friends before PANTERA was signed. So it’s kind of something I’ve always done. It’s something that I’ve always indulged in.

“Case in point – before PANTERA got signed I had a circle of friends I jammed with and we would throw house parties and make them into these events where everybody would drop acid. [Laughs] The ticket price was like a quarter beer and we had all these gimmicky things. So it was fun!

“And PANTERA then, just before we were signed we were still pulling 600 kids in a weekend. So the weekends I wouldn’t play a PANTERA gig I’d be doing like some other house party gig with some smaller band. And it’s something that I’ve always done.”

Anselmo was also asked on how he knows whether a musical idea he gets is good or bad, to which he replied: “It’s pretty easy. [Laughs] Certain things take priority. If there’s something that I think is worthy of bringing to light at all, it’s gonna take priority over the project that I did with a blender, a faucet, and a toilet. [Laughs] And yes, that recording exists. And I use a vacuum, so… Wow, man. You’d be surprised.”