Power/Thrash Metal Band ANUBIS Unleash New Single ‘The Great Divide’

Anubis Live

Up and coming Los Angeles metal band ANUBIS are carving their own path by organically blending power and thrash metal together. Founded in 2018, the band is comprised of bassist and vocalist Devin Reiche, guitarists Justin Escamilla and Eleazar Llerenas, and drummer Zed Amarin. The hybrid metal band’s newest single “The Great Divide” is out Monday, November 15th!

“The Great Divide” is the first song written by then-incoming guitarist Justin Escamilla. Lead singer Reiche shares that “We were just finishing recording the solos on the previous EP when he showed me some riffs that he had never ended up using that sounded like classic AMON AMARTH, and I knew that it would be a perfect direction to go in musically.” With hard-hitting guitar solos, aggressive drums, visceral lyrics, and Reiche’s impressive vocal range, ANUBIS’s diverse metal influences assemble to create a distinct and unforgettable track on “The Great Divide.”

Reiche adds that “Lyrically this is loosely based on an old sci-fi story from the ‘90s about an avian alien race split into two factions: a warlike, predator faction and a spiritual, pacifistic faction, and the war between them.” The song’s eccentric sci-fi theme further makes ANUBIS stand out and lends the listener sounds and lyrics fit for war. With lines such as “empathy has long since died, no prayer no mercy for our father’s sons,” the listener is transported to the trenches with a killer soundtrack as company. The immersive experience of this song is intentional with Reiche concluding, “I love geeky metal sh*t like that.”

ANUBIS takes their musicianship seriously. Both guitarists are classically trained, Reiche was the original bassist for international thrash band HATCHET, and Amarin is a spokesman for AXIS PERCUSSION. They credit artists from across the metal spectrum as influences in their music: BLIND GUARDIAN, HELLOWEEN, TESTAMENT, METALLICA, and DEAD KENNEDYS to name a few. This melting pot of metal sounds sets them apart and garners excitement from fans and audiences. Their earlier single “Ashes” is a testament to this with Reiche commenting “We’ve always thought that Ashes was one of our strongest songs, and definitely one of the most well-received live.” “The Great Divide” showcases the band’s development of this sound and advances their reputation as budding trailblazers. Listeners are due for a treat as Reiche reveals that a re-recording of “Ashes” will be featured on the B-side of the record. Reiche elaborates, “I was never satisfied with the lyrics or the vocal performance on the recording [of “Ashes”]. Now seemed like as good a time as any to do a re-recording and get it sounding the way I’d always envisioned it.” ANUBIS is making steady progress and they are the new band to watch in the LA metal scene.

“The Great Divide” with B-side re-recording of Ashes is out Monday, November 15th.