Professor Emeritus – Take Me To The Gallows

It’s a so good thing that we still can hear new releases of bands like Professor Emeritus. I do love extreme metal, but still, it’s so good to hear potent and tuned voices. Old school metal proves once more with Professor Emeritus that it will never die.

“Take Me To The Gallows” is a honest old school metal effort. “Take Me To The Gallows” gives what fans want, that be, no disappointment. No experiments, no odd voices, no odd tuning, no uncanny songs, only pure and clean Heavy Metal. To many a waste of time. Not to us. We belong to the proudest fans of all. We are heavy metallers! ‘This our lives, this is our sound’ as master Dee Snider told us.

Singer MP Papai has a similar kind of voice as our late, and beloved, Dio had. Strong, potent, tuned, manly, and high ranged. The difference is that he can reach the higher peaks almost near Rob ‘The Metal God’ Halford’s. So did Professor Emeritus take advantage of that to make “Take Me To The Gallows” shine as bright as they could? Sure shot! “Take Me To The Gallows” songs are diverse. You won’t get bored listening to it. And for our’s sake, Professor Emeritus chose wisely how to use all the emotion MP Papai’s voice could get.

As a general rule, songs in “Take Me To The Gallows” are well-balanced. Title track, “Take Me To The Gallows,” strikes with a fingered intro to reach the peak in the chorus. Guitar phrases are simply, but catchy. You’ll find yourself humming them. There’s no way not to praise it. Emotion first, always. Catchy guitar riffs, just the way we like it. You can’t say it’s a surprise, but “Rats In The Wall” shows us an uncommon technique: the fingered bass lines. The song gets a cool atmosphere which is completed with the simple, but effective guitar solo. Again you’ll find yourself humming. In the last, but not least track, “Decius,” Professor Emeritus give us a lesson of how to write a song with ten minutes, and yet, be vibrating. The plot twists in “Decius” make it memorable. As I said before, there’s no such thing as disappointment with Professor Emeritus. Take it the way it is or leave it. The same for Metal, take it or leave it.

Professor Emeritus “Take Me To The Gallows” is an effort to sing along. It’s an effor to be embraced with all your heart and soul. And to praise the gods you are a proud metalhead. I mean it, guys!

Track Listing:

  1. Burning Grave
  2. He Will Be Undone
  3. Chaos Bearer
  4. Take Me to the Gallows
  5. Rats in the Walls
  6. Rosamund
  7. Decius

Professor Emeritus “Take Me To The Gallows” sacrificed all their heart and soul on November 13th via No Remorse Records.

Watch “Rats In The Walls” video here: