RATT Fans Slam STEPHEN PEARCY Over Poor Vocal Performance At Freedom Festival

Stephen Pearcy 2021

Stephen Pearcy return on stage to perform RATT’s classic songs, at Freedom Festival in Denver, Colorado on 26th June.

His vocal performance was not that good (but not as nearly bad as recent Vince Neil’s performance) and this lead to RATT fans express disappointment.

Some of fans’ comments can be seen below (via Metal Wani):

“Man, he needs to eat a couple cheese burgers or something something… He has skin hanging off his bones… Maybe he needs to hang out with Vince Neil for a couple months to put on a couple lbs… or maybe finally getting off theBlow…YIKES!”

“He is such a passion-filled performer. Joke!”

“Ouch Steven’s voice is shot near Paul Stanley kind of shot. I don’t see how he can still think he can sing. Lame”

“Lack of Feel.”