Reddit Bans Users For Mentioning METALLICA’s ‘Kill Em’ All’

Metallica Kill 'Em All

Reddit is apparently banning users that are mentioning METALLICA‘s debut album Kill Em’ All.

One user wrote a post in the Metallica Reddit page titled “Reddit permanently bans you for saying your fav album is KEA. Stay safe out there, y’all.” The post contained a 16-second YouTube video with the title “A Look at Reddit’s Censorship,” which showed screenshots from the website.

The first screenshot in the clip reads: “You’ve been permanently banned for violating Reddit’s rule against threatening violence in the following content. Reddit is a place for creating community and belonging, not threatening or encouraging violence against people or animals. We don’t tolerate any behavior that encourages, glorifies, incites or calls for violence or physical harm against an individual, groups of people, places or animals.”

The creator of the video then shared a screenshot of their original post, which was in the MEGADETH SubReddit.

The title of the post was, “Best Debut Album of the Big 4. The person who was eventually banned had written, “Kill ‘Em All was definitely what originally brought many people into the metal community. I’d say, from an objective standpoint, it would have to be Kill ‘Em All.”

The user noted that they attempted to appeal the ban of their account multiple times, but all of the requests have been ignored.