Reddit Fans Tried To Leak Out New TOOL Album In Legendary Las Vegas Adventure

Upcoming TOOL album, Fear Inoculum, has leaked online five days before the actual release date (August 30). But this has something more into it than an average album leak.

Story begins with a YouTube video showing a child unboxing the deluxe edition of Fear Inoculum, and it was believed at first it was a child of band’s guitarist Adam Jones, but it was quickly taken down due to copyright claim.

And then you had a retailers started receiving their copies of the album, with few Amazon employees posting a photos of the actual copy of the album.

Now this is where the things start to get interesting!

After they were trying to show off with the copies of the album, some other redditers tried to convince them to rip the album and upload it online.

None of those employees were of course convinced with a fear of losing their job or getting in a legal battle with their label.

But that changed when a Reddit user who goes by the name CircleOfN9ne, and who is a Target worker, appeared and wrote that he might be able to do something about it.

Then, CircleOfN9ne‘s shift ends and he posts the following photo. As you can clearly see, that is definitely not a Target floor.

But this is where the problem start. CircleOfN9ne‘s drive of the laptop was broken and his desktop didn’t even have any drive.

But he didn’t want to give up just yet, so he wrote: “SOMEBODY IN VEGAS!!! F*CKING HELP!!!

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And then a Reddit user, briznitch, responded:

Finally, CircleOfN9ne responds that he is on he’s way to Mirage:

Even after all that, there were some fans who were sceptical and thought the guy was full of sh*t.

So, after some time CircleOfN9ne posted a picture from his car while driving through Las Vegas Strip with a copy of Fear Inoculum with following caption: “On my way to Mirage, now shut the f*ck up about this being fake.”

After a while, he posts this:

So, we’re getting close now, right? briznitch gets the CD, rips it, upload it online, and everybody happy.

Well, not exactly.

After some time, CircleOfN9ne posted this: “Don’t know what the hold up is. I’m not involved anymore. My CD drive didn’t work on my laptop and my pre built gaming pc didn’t come with one. I’m waiting for this just like you guys. If it doesn’t happen, I’m sorry I let everyone down.”

He later added: “I’m f*cking terrified now. I haven’t been able to enjoy the CD my damn self. Too much going on in my head.”

Apparently, CircleOfN9ne gave the CD to briznitch, who ripped the CD and they then parted ways while briznitch was about to upload the album to TOOL fans on Reddit. But that never happened.

Just to clarify that he indeed has a CD, CircleOfN9ne posted the following photo and later asked if there is anyone in Las Vegas to help him out.

All in all, album did eventually ended up online, but of course, we won’t be promoting any links here.

Fear Inoculum comes out this Friday, and you can pre-order it at this location.

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