Search And Rescue Underway As Man Falls Overboard From LAMB OF GOD’s ‘Headbangers Boat’

LAMB OF GOD's 'Headbangers Boat'

A 41-year-old passenger on LAMB OF GOD‘s Headbangers Boat cruise went overboard near the Bahamas, prompting a search and rescue operation by the United States Coast Guard. The Norwegian Cruise Line confirmed the incident and stated that the investigation is ongoing.

It is unclear whether the passenger jumped or fell, but intoxication was likely a factor. The Headbangers Boat cruise features performances from several artists, including LAMB OF GOD, and various activities hosted by the band members.

A spokesperson for the Norwegian Cruise Line said in a statement issued to Rock Feed: “On the early morning of Friday, Nov. 3, 2023, Norwegian Pearl was notified that a 41-year-old male guest went overboard while the ship was sailing near the Bahamas on its way to Miami. The authorities have been notified and the United States Coast Guard search and rescue operation is underway. The investigation is ongoing, and we will share updates as appropriate. Our thoughts and prayers are with his loved ones during this difficult time.”

One person who is on the boat posted on social media earlier today:  “Update – around 3:45 am the cruise ship we are on NCL Pearl – Headbangers boat had called a code Oscar starboard side. Confirmed approximately 30 minutes later. The ship has been in a search pattern for the man overboard since then. No luck. Overboard survival rates are slim. We have no news whether he jumped or fell. But intoxication was surely a factor. Scarey and sad. The whole boat of headbangers is a somber one today.”

Another person wrote: “My son is on this Headbangers Boat tour, and this morning security was chasing a guy, and he jumped from a higher deck towards the back of the boat, and went overboard”.