Ex-NIGHTWISH Singer Anette Olzon ‘Got Beaten Down And Robbed’ Earlier Today

Former NIGHTWISH singer Anette Olzon has been beaten and robbed earlier today on her way home when a “junkie” attacked her.

She posted a following message on her Instagram page:

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Today changed rapidly from a good day into a horrible day when I got beaten down and robbed by a junkie on my way home from my car. In the hospital now cause she hit me hard and I fell backwards in the stony street with my back head and I am quite shaken and bruised and the worst thing of it all was that there were two adult men standing one feet away watching me get beaten doing f-ckin nothing! Cowards!! Thank god a girl ran after and then finally two REAL men took the junkie down and she is now with the police! Drugs people are making people really dangerous!! I'll write more after the dr but please be careful out there!

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