Someone Accused WOLFGANG VAN HALEN Of Stealing His Father’s Name: ‘VAN HALEN Is Literally My F**king Name You Grape’

Wolfgang Van Halen Live

Wolfgang Van Halen, son of legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen, is trending on Twitter after a person called him out for stealing his father’s last name.

Original tweet reads as follows: “If a person wants to make a name for themselves they wouldn’t take advantage of their famous father’s last name & band name. His father & uncle didn’t have that. Everyone in the band didn’t have that. Matter of fact, majority of current & former bands & singers didn’t have that.”

Wolfgang then simply responded: “Van Halen is literally my f**king name you grape.”

In a post that gained reactions from thousands of fans, Wolfgang later added: “How are some of you this stupid.”

Wolfgang Van Halen Stole Name

Wolfgang Van Halen‘s band, MAMMOTH WVH, has signed with BMG for the launch of their second album, which is expected to arrive this summer

The forthcoming album from MAMMOTH WVH succeeds their 2021 self-titled first release, which produced the top rock chart singles “Distance” and “Don’t Back Down.”