TAYLOR SWIFT Ranked As The 8th Best Guitarist Of The Past Two Decades

Taylor Swift Playing Guitar

In a recent poll conducted by UK-based guitar retailer guitarguitar, Taylor Swift has been recognized as the 8th best guitarist of the past two decades. This surprising accolade comes as part of guitarguitar‘s celebration of its 20th anniversary, marked by a special exhibition titled ‘Playable’ that highlights exceptional guitarists who have left an indelible mark on the music industry.

The poll, which garnered significant attention from music enthusiasts and industry insiders alike, saw John Frusciante of the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS claim the top spot. Frusciante‘s virtuosity and innovative style have long been admired in the guitar community, solidifying his place at the pinnacle of guitarguitar’s rankings.

Taylor Swift‘s inclusion in the list at the 8th position may raise eyebrows among those who primarily associate her with her vocal and songwriting prowess rather than guitar playing. However, Swift‘s consistent use of the guitar throughout her career, especially during live performances and studio recordings, has showcased her versatility and musical depth.

Swift, known for her chart-topping albums and record-breaking tours, has integrated the guitar into her performances as a central element of her artistic expression. Despite not being traditionally lauded for technical proficiency, her ability to connect with audiences through the instrument has been pivotal in shaping her image as a multifaceted musician.

After Frusciante, Alex Turner of ARCTIC MONKEYS takes second place, followed by John Mayer in third.

The complete list of all 20 rankings can be found below:

  1. John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
  2. Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys)
  3. John Mayer
  4. Sam Fender
  5. Jonny Greenwood (Radiohead)
  6. Chris Shiflett (Foo Fighters)
  7. Ed O’Brien (Radiohead)
  8. Taylor Swift
  9. Tom DeLonge (Blink-182)
  10. Simon Neil (Biffy Clyro)
  11. Jim Root (Slipknot)
  12. Keith Urban
  13. John 5 (Mötley Crüe)
  14. Brad Paisley
  15. Troy Van Leeuwen (Queens Of The Stone Age)
  16. Albert Hammond Jr. (The Strokes)
  17. H.E.R.
  18. Adam Hann (The 1975)
  19. Ed Sheeran
  20. Julien Baker