TOMMY REBEL AND THE RIGHTEOUS Premieres New Single ‘No School Today’

Austin-based, rock trio TOMMY REBEL AND THE RIGHTEOUS will release their debut album, Renaissance Dude, that was originally set to be released on Nov. 1, now to be released on Friday, Jan. 31, 2020.

Today, we are exclusively premiere single “No School Today,” on Metal Addicts which is available below via SoundCloud widget.

Tommy Rebel and the Righteous is a guitar-driven, power rock band founded by lead guitarist and singer-songwriter Tommy Rebel. It was his original sound and lyrical content that attracted rock rhythm drummer Rollie White and stellar bassist Naer Lin, bringing together years of touring experience and a shared passion for creating and performing great rock music.

With a robust and energetic live sound and spirit, the band continues to push the boundaries of their vast musical potential. And at the core of their inspiration is a belief that rock music is essentially an open letter to the universe: socially conscious, dynamic and rebellious.

Renaissance Dude is the culmination of my musical family maturing, and becoming one in message and song,” said Tommy Rebel. “I write a song. Rollie and Naer adopt it and make it better.

“Our producer and engineer embraces the band’s version, then massages and guides the song through a dense jungle of electronic magicalness. It is exciting that everyone involved has poured their heart and soul into the jams. I am one grateful dude, awed by everyone’s level of friendship and commitment.”

“If heartfelt individuality and escapism is something you enjoy in films, you can find those qualities herewith TOMMY REBEL AND THE RIGHTEOUS ,” said the album’s producer Chris “Frenchie” Smith. “I fell in love with the group upon hearing them the first time. They clearly have classic rock leanings, however,the spark in their music is derived from their ability to unleash freshness globally. The narrative of every lyric is so potent that you catch yourself thinking, ‘I’d say that if I were more honest with myself.”

“For me, Renaissance Dude is an exciting album for two reasons: on the one hand it represents the culmination of a lot of great collaborative work, and on the other hand, it’s really only a snapshot in time of the awesome potential we have as a band,” said Rollie White. “It’s not an ending… it’s a beginning. And I am proud to have been part of a musical offering that has something for everyone and is meant to be consumed from start to finish. There are no B-sides. Every song has its own standalone personality that is woven into the overall fabric of the album.”

“Making this album was a lot of fun and has a special meaning for me,” said Naer Lin. “I really enjoyed working with Tommy, Rollie and Frenchie and the freedom I had to bring my personality and creativity to each of the songs.”

“With pulsating rhythms, thunderous bouncing bass and pure electric sonic wizardly courtesy of Tommy‘s guitar work, you’ll understand how I loved them immediately,” said Chris “Frenchie” Smith. “Simply put, you are hearing music curated by musicians that have lived rich and varied lives and you’re glad they have. Experience, taste, knowledge and humour are the pillars of TOMMY REBEL AND THE RIGHTEOUS. They have one intention…to make your day/night rock with elegance.”

Renaissance Dude track listing:

  1. MajicSity
  2. Little Bit
  3. Moving On
  4. Night Train
  5. Backroads
  6. No School Today
  7. Over and Under
  8. Time is Mine