Top 7 Reasons Why The Cello Is An Amazing Instrument

Person Playing Cello
Photo credit: Eleazar Ceballos

The cello, with its astonishing and pleasant sounds, has been around for centuries. Known for its melodic and voice-like tones, the cello is a big piece of an orchestra’s puzzle. It is no wonder why many old cellists are seen performing in concertos and gatherings until this very day. That being said, there are many reasons why an individual would want to pick up a cello and never put it down. The list is endless, but we’ve narrowed down the top seven reasons:

  1. Cellos are one of the most versatile string instruments. The sound of a cello encompasses the sounds of its string counterparts as it can be played in all three clefs: bass, tenor, and treble. The cellist may even play through all clefs in a single performance!
  2. The sound of a cello is unlike any other. Unlike the violin, it has a deep and rich sound. It does not create high-pitched tones which is why it is often relied on to deliver a harmonious melody. With that, it balances out the tones produced by other instruments in an ensemble.
  3. Fun fact: the cello’s tone is known to be close to the human voice.
  4. Because the cello is capable of producing a variety of sounds, a player can easily switch from genre to genre. It is suitable for classical music, jazz, and even rock.
  5. The cello provides beneficial effects for its practitioners. It sharpens memory, soothes the mind, and builds upper body strength. It is also known to improve one’s performance in school and in work.
  6. Cellos are as good in solo pieces as they are in ensembles. Many famous musical pieces and sonatas in history were actually conducted through the cello alone. Amongst these pieces were creations of infamous artists like Bach and Beethoven.
  7. Because you can hold it against your body as you are seated, it does not demand as much physicality as other instruments. For this reason, cellos can still be played at an old age.

In lieu of these, cellos are truly sensational instruments. Further, they serve as life-long friends to those who continue to practice it for as long as they can. So, what are you waiting for? Start your own personal journey with a cello today! We are sure that you will enjoy and cherish every step of the way.