VARG VIKERNES Is Again Back With New Channel After YouTube Previously Banned Him

Varg Vikernes

After his channel ThuleanPerspective and later on ThuleanPerspective #2 got banned from YouTube, BURZUM frontman Varg Vikernes got back with a new channel called Will of WôdanaR, after YouTube banned him due to their new policy.

Explaining he had received warnings for “having broken YouTube’s rules in the past” and even referred to one of his videos as “hate speech”, Vikernes mused that his ban may have had something to do a recent upload which he explained was about “white nationalists” in Sweden.

“I expected this, but of course I hoped it wouldn’t happen,” Varg explained. “What that means is that I have to start a new [channel]. And that’s all, really. I will continue to upload stuff on YouTube.”

Some of the videos from his new channel can be seen below.