MÖTLEY CRÜE’s VINCE NEIL Guests On SAMMY HAGAR’s ‘Rock & Roll Road Trip’ (Video)

Vince Neil Sammy Hagar

Sammy Hagar visits with Vince Neil of MÖTLEY CRÜE at his home in Nashville, Tennessee. The guys talk about rock & roll and trade stories about VAN HALEN and MÖTLEY CRÜE on this episode of “Rock & Roll Road Trip” with Sammy Hagar.

You can watch the episode below.

MÖTLEY CRÜE‘s co-headlining “The Stadium Tour” with DEF LEPPARD will finally kick off on June 16 in Atlanta, GA.

During a recent interview with FavazzDEF LEPPARD guitarist Phil Collen was asked if he is concerned about CRÜE frontman Vince Neil seemingly being out of shape and not being ready to hit the road as part of “The Stadium Tour.” While answering the question, Collen revealed that the band is planning to expand the tour outside of North America.

He responded: “No. I talk to [CRÜE bassist] Nikki Sixx all the time. We’re friends. And I’ve known Vince forever. He’s gonna be part of our team. The way I look at this whole thing… We wanna take this tour to the rest of the world — in Europe, Australia, Japan, all over the place, South America — so it’s really important that everyone is part of the team. And we’re inspired. Me and Joe [ElliottDEF LEPPARD singer] — actually, all the guys — we’re on the phone, and we start rehearsing in about a week.”

“So, no. I think that MÖTLEY CRÜE are gonna be part of that team, as are [support acts] POISON and Joan Jett. We all stand as one.

“The great thing, when you go out on tour with KISS, it’s all about the show; it’s not about trying to upstage anyone or do that,” he continued. “Yeah, you can have a bit of that going on, but then you live and die by the show, and you wanna make that great. And that’s a great lesson we’ve learned from KISS, and we apply that.

“So, no. I can’t wait till we get out there. And hopefully Vince will be working out. We’ve got a trainer coming out. Yeah, it’s gonna be really cool.”