WES BORLAND Explains Why No One Wants New LIMP BIZKIT

In an interview with ‘Talk Toomey Podcast‘, Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit spoke about the oft-delayed LIMP BIZKIT album “Stampede Of The Disco Elephants” and his recent comments that nobody wants to hear new material from the band, he explained:

“Nobody really wants it, but we have to do it to make promoters interested in the band and give them something to talk about so we can continue to tour and play shows.

When I say nobody particularly wants a new Limp Bizkit record, it’s because we sort of morphed into this nostalgic thing to where people want to hear the eleven singles that we put out and that’s it.

I can noticably see crowds attention drop when we play a song that is not “My Generation“, “My Way“, “Break Struff“, “Nookie“, “Rearranged“, “N2 Together Now“, “Take A Look Around“, etc., etc.. When we’re not playing one of those tracks, people go a little bit like “hmmph.”. Except for like 50 people up front going ‘Oh my god they’re playing “Stuck“!’…

So when I say no one wants the new Limp Bizkit record, it’s mostly because of that.”