What gifts rock musicians receive from their fans

Many fans of artists want to express their appreciation for the music presented to them in a special way, and this desire sometimes results in a wish to make an unusual and memorable gift. Presents can be given at concerts or autograph sessions, or even delivered directly to the home by the most persistent and savvy fans. There are plenty of gift ideas, yet it’s not always easy to please a rock star so now let’s look at the most common gifts given by a loyal fan.

Rock concert
  • Sweet treats

As stern and menacing as rock musicians may look, there is a child living in every of them who still craves sweets. Such a sweet gift could be, for example, a cake with the artists’ logo or pictures, just like the one that famous musicians from the rock band AC/DC once received.

  • Flowers

Don’t forget the timeless classics, which are bouquets. Flowers are always associated with celebration and are a symbol of appreciation. Therefore, if you’re thinking of ways to surprise your favorite band’s frontman, you can always google a flower bouquet near me on your way to the concert. Meanwhile, the specialists at DJflowers company can help you find the right bouquet for any occasion.

  • Collectible items

Well, those musicians who are collectors of various things can get a customized item as a gift. James Hatfield the frontman of the iconic Metallica band collects motorbikes and cars and was delighted to receive an unexpected gift from a loyal fan, a specially assembled motorbike with an airbrushed pattern similar to the musician’s guitar, which arrived by plane and was personally presented to Hatfield before the concert in San Francisco.

However, gift can also be both enjoyable and functional. Thus, once an American rock band Reignwolf, while being on tour in China, was given an entire set of postcards, each one handmade by a fan from Shanghai. These postcards have now found a place in the band’s collection and can sometimes be sent to loved ones in different parts of the world whenever the band is on tour.

  • Handmade gifts

The pleasant thing about gifts is that they are not limited only to material things, it all depends on the imagination of the fans. This way, some fans, who are also musicians themselves, take a creative approach and present their own records to their admirers, sometimes in an unusual way. At the same time, presents can also be a form of art, such as the gift received by the musicians of the metal band Druknroll, whose fans from Asia gave them a video featuring a custom native dance performed to one of their band’s songs.

Certainly, some of the most devoted fans of rock artists are their parents, whose support at the start of their careers comes at a high price, therefore today’s collection of gift stories is topped by the story of a very young David Bowie being given a white plastic alto saxophone for Christmas by his mother in 1961, which encouraged David to take lessons from local musicians, and the effect it had on him is no longer a secret.

Now, you have at least five gift ideas for the musicians that you could surprise them with. The most important rule is to make sure that you give a present from the heart, in that case you may be sure that your gift will be appreciated and will bring joyful emotions.