WITCHERY To Re-Release First Three Albums And ‘Witchburner’ EP


On March 27th, 2020, almost twenty years after their first release it’s time to re-introduce the classic Heavy-Metal pieces Restless & Dead, Witchburner EP, Dead, Hot And Ready and Symphony For The Devil by WITCHERY with remastered sound as well as reworked artworks and rare photos.

All albums feature the iconic artwork of Kristian “Necrolord” Wåhlin and contain detailed liner notes from band members as well as close fellows.

WITCHERY comments: “Ever miss the years when you used to roam the graveyard at midnight? Do you yearn for the years of the howling and do you think there just aren’t any good storms lately? So do we…

“Twenty-Two years after we put out our first release, we finally get the chance to bring Restless & Dead and the other three WITCHERY albums out of the grave and back into the world of the living (and the undead) again. Rejoice and do the W!”

Check out the remastered version of “The Reaper,” taken from Restless & Dead here: