3 Tips to Hiring a Band for an Event

When organizing an event, music is a critical part of it. Do you hire a band? If yes, which one is likely to resonate with your guests? Do you hire a popular one or settle for a relatively unknown band that will impress your guests? Several things come into play when organizing an event. The type of event, the median age of guests, the theme of the event, and your budget play a critical role when you hire music.

Ensure you have sufficient power supply and backup for the band’s equipment

When hiring a band, it is important to find out the equipment they use and your power supply is adequate. You do not want the sound system to shut down due to an overload when your guests are dancing. Bands usually need between two and four 20-amp circuits. However, it is critical to find out if this is sufficient. It is best to have a backup generator if you do not have a stable power supply.

If you do not have a backup generator, you may opt to find out if the band can come with their backup system. You can see how this affects your budget before hiring the band. Where you hold the event also matters. If it is indoors, the source of power may not be a problem. However, if it is outdoors and too far for the equipment to be connected to power, you need to ensure you have a generator.

Hire professionals

Do not just hire a band because you like it, do it because they can deliver to your expectations. The band members need to understand how important the event is to you and why they need to be at their best. Professionalism also means early preparation. It is best to show the band the venue before the event so that you can plan on the set up. If, for example, you will be using the same room for meetings and a cocktail party, it is crucial to setup the equipment before the meeting.

The band needs to understand the importance of setting up and testing their equipment before your meeting commences. If you are organizing an event that will require the band to start performing as the guests come in, you need confirmation of the time they will arrive to set up. This is critical and needs to be in the contract. Arrival and departure times will protect you from unprofessional bands which come late and leave earlier than the agreed time.

Interests of your guests

When organizing an event, it is critical to consider the age of the guests. For example, hiring a band that plays loud music may not work if most of the guests are older. They will likely leave the event too early. Such a crowd may stay longer and appreciate the event if the band plays soothing slow music. Younger people, on the other hand, may find this boring. They may opt to leave your event for a more lively one. If you have people of all age groups, it is best to find a band that is appealing to both generations.

A band will either put your guests in a good mood or make them wish they were far from your event. It is critical to research on the best bands to hire early. This way you will not be disappointed to find the band busy on the date you need them because you booked too late.

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