All for Metal – Legends Review

There are very few bands today that are so enthusiastic and passionate for Metal music than All for Metal. From the start with the eponymous and anthemic “All for Metal” my dear child of the night will be rewarded with a pure gem of Metal music. “Legends” is a celebration of everything Metal represents. And that’s a lot. Or, to some, a celebration of all Metal excesses. From the 1980’s Metal point of view, All for Metal and their visual, their music, their attitude would be called posers. A total nonsense. Or from Manowar’s point of view they would be false Metal – ironically. From where I’m standing, all these don’t mean a thing. I really don’t care. I really like their grip and I totally understand their attitute. It’s a celebration of Metal music with its pros and cons. “Legends” is the kind of album where all eleven songs in here are built to be some kind of anthem or to have a singalong atmosphere. That’s a lot. I respect it totally.

Under the banner of All for Metal, the metal enthusiasts Tim “Tetzel” Schmidt (known as the singer of the band Asenblut as well as a strength athlete and fitness influencer) and Antonio Calanna (former singer of the hard rock band DeVicious) join forces. Both are united by their love for classic heavy metal sounds and the common vision to bring them to a new generation of music fans. With great, compact, catchy songs and a dedicated, highly professional production team behind them, All for Metal unleash anthemic, straightforward metal that has international class. As vocalist Tetzel says the band is highly influenced by bands as Manowar, which is perfectly noticed listening to the album – ironically. “Raise Your Hammer,” on the other hand, addresses to TNT, an unsung band from the 1980’s which had a similar grip.  It’s really an album that delivers a true passion for Metal despite its excesses.

For everything said before, it’s really hard to point a track thta outstands the others. It’s the rare case of an album whose all tracks are perfect in their own way. So, if I were to choose only one I would take album warmer “All for Metal” not only for its tittle, but also for the love for Metal message it delivers the Metal fan. It’s unquestionably a band that shows its true colors about our beloved Metal music. Even the ballad and grand finale “Legends Never Die” is great. The album is full of vocal duets between vocalists Tim “Tetzel” Schmidt and Antonio Calanna whose voices kind of complete each other.

Another album for nomination. Metal haters will hate it. Metal lovers will love it. And life goes on. “It’s all for Metal and Metal for all.” Yeah!

All for Metal “Legends” will be released on July 07th via AFM Records.

Track Listing:

  1. All for Metal
  2. Goddess of War
  3. Born in Valhalla
  4. Raise Your Hammer
  5. Hear the Drum
  6. Run
  7. Prophecy of Hope
  8. Mountain of Power
  9. Fury of the Gods
  10. The Day of Hammerfall
  11. Legends Never Die

Watch “All for Metal” official music video here: