Anthrax – XL Review

First cut – 1987. I borrowed  a videotape from a friend and if memory serves me right, it was recorded on that SLP velocity that allowed us to record around three shows. One of them was the first time I saw Yngwie Malmsteen’s show. There were also some videoclips from Alcatrazz. I guess the other was Scorpions’ “World Wide Live,” but I’m not really sure. In this very particular tape there was a band that I really didn’t know with a sound that intrigued me. Vocals were clean but instrumentals were fierce, fast, and furious. I got really impressed with Very near the early Extreme Metal that were poping up and I confess I didn’t have much sympathy. But that band made me mad. That kind of music really got me by the guts. The band was Anthrax. Unfortunately, and I don’t know why, I never bought any of their albums.

Second cut – 1989. Again I borrowed Anthrax “State of Euphoria” album from a friend and I recorded it on tape. If my dear fan doesn’t know back then we happily shared this album and cassete tape promiscuity. One of the gang would buy the album and share it to all the friends. It was the way we teenagers had to maximize our knowledge of new music at those pre-internet times. That way we had the time to listen to a tape as many times as it was possible because we’d never know when we would get the next. No music zapping on Youtube as today’s kids do. We had time to cherish every moment of the tape. No, I’m no nostalgic old Metal guy. I’m just sharing what was nice back then. Of course, I like to have that many of bands to listen to, but the cassete tapes time had its moments.

Third cut – 1993. I was in my car when suddenly I heard a grteat and exciting Metal song, which wasn’t that common those days. It was Anthrax which finally had their share of success playing on the radio. If memory serves me right I got the album from a friend to record it. Again.

Fourth and last cut – 2022. I got this exciting and comprehensive Anthrax compilation named “XL” to celebrate the band’s 40th anniversary. Deserved, very well deserved. It’s a CD with 25 songs that represent best the band’s career. Songs left? Maybe, maybe not. It’s really hard to say. From where I’m standing this compilation is flawless. Here side by side the fan will have classic songs as “Indians,” “Madhouse,” one of the most famous covers of the Metal world “Antisocial” with not that known songs as “Keep It in the Family,” “Lone Justice” or even “Now It’s Dark.” Just the way compilations are.

Ok, bottomline this is a short version of my story with Anthrax this great band that may cherish and appreciate. Too short? Maybe, maybe not. But you have to agree that at least it’s interesting. Finally I have a copy of an Anthrax album.

Anthrax  XL was released on June 15th via Nuclear Blast Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Time + Fight Em ‘Til You Can’t
  2. Madhouse
  3. Caught in a Mosh
  4. Metal Thrashing Mad
  5. Got the Time
  6. I Am the Law
  7. Keep It in the Family
  8. Lone Justice
  9. The Devil You Know
  10. Be All End All
  11. Now It’s Dark
  12. Antisocial
  13. In the End
  14. Medusa
  15. Evil Twin
  16. Indians
  17. Skeletons in the Closet
  18. Aftershock
  19. Blood Eagle Wings
  20. Bring the Noise
  21. Air
  22. Among the Living
  23. Breathing Lightning
  24. Protest and Survive
  25. Efilnikufesin N.F.L

Watch “Antisocial” official video here:

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