Avenger – Killer Elite

Ah, the classics. Have you ever wondered why they are called classics? They are bands that helped in any way to shape a kind of music. In this case is our beloved Metal. Some bands help shaping the way people play, the way they make music. They are the inspiration to a whole generation of fans and musicians. That’s how Metal seems to go on forever. A previous band teaches the other and the thing goes on and on like forever. However, no one has ever explained why some pioneers aren’t able to hit jackpot while others take all the glories. Avenger are one of the pioneers of NWOBHM and even though they have never found their place at the end of the rainbow. When you listen to their second album “Killer Elite” you have that awkward feeling ‘Hum, I’ve heard that before’, a kind of musical deja-vu. In this specific case you have, but from indirect means. You heard the bands Avenger have inspired. Things just don’t come out the blue.

Dissonance Productions and producer Bart Gabriel have comeback with one more series of homages to classic bands. Avenger “Killer Elite” and its predecessor “Blood Sports” are in the midst of it.  Comparing to its predecessor 1984’s “Blood Sports,” 1985’s “Killer Elite” are more elaborate. It doesn’t sound that amateur as “Blood Sports.” The production is better, so is the songwriting. Avenger show riff by riff, guitar solo by guitar solo, drums cadence by drums cadence, everything they were made of. The band is really well orchestrated. There are real classic songs in it from the beginning with opening track “Revenge Attack” and its iconic NWOBHM pace and taste. A very well-built song note by note. Second track “Run for Your Life,” a well-worn title those days, is a bit uptempo keeping the flame. Then we have “Brand of Torture” a bit slower but with great vocals too. The cherry of the cake comes in the form of “Steel on Steel” with its shoegazed pace and killer vocals. To me the best. And “Killer Elite” goes on. I myself consider it better than he debut album. But that’s only my opinion.

Avenger “Killer Elite” was released on May 18th via Dissonance Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Revenge Attack
  2. Run for Your Life
  3. Brand of Torture
  4. Steel on Steel
  5. (Fight for the) Right to Rock
  6. Hard Times
  7. Under the Hammer
  8. Face to the Ground
  9. Dangerous Games
  10. Yesterday’s Heroes
  11. M.M.85
  12. Sawmill
  13. Brand Of Torture (Hot ‘n’ Heavy Show ’85)
  14. Rough Ride (demo 1983)

Watch “Run for Your Life” video here: