BLOODBOUND Release Video For New Single ‘March Into War’

Swedish power metal force, BLOODBOUND will release their hotly anticipated, ninth studio album entitled Creatures Of The Dark Realm on May 28th via AFM Records.

After the previously- released singles, When Fate Is Calling as well as just recently, the epic album title track, today the Swedish six- piece has launched a lyrics video for the heavy as hell, new single “March Into War“! Check it out below.

Says Fredrik Bergh: “March Into War is a heavy bombastic anthemic metal hymn! It will be a great heavy song to include in our live set once the pandemic hell is over!

On Creatures Of The Dark RealmBLOODBOUND seems to follow one simple goal: make it better than on the last album. More hooks and stronger melodies, a result that can speak for itself: Creatures Of The Dark Realm is a very melodic and an ultimately catchy album, sharing airspace with the likes of Sabaton and Powerwolf, going so far as to recall the days of classic Helloween. In that respect, BLOODBOUND have remained true to the metal that inspired them in the first place.

Bergh continues: “We have a few songs that didn’t make it onto the album because we want to have songs that really stick out, that have some qualities that make it interesting and fresh. But, we are in a specific genre of metal so we can’t make a completely new style of music and call it BLOODBOUND. It can be tricky trying to not to repeat ourselves but I think we succeeded in doing that on the new album.” Bergh continues: “If you compare this new album to “Nosferatu”, it’s totally different because of how we evolved over the years, but we always aim to come up with the best melodies we can. We take influences from all kinds of music genres of music because a good melody is a good melody. Look at bands like The Beatles and ABBA. Their songs are timeless because of those melodies and that is what we were aiming for. Not to sound like those bands, of course (laughs), but to write songs that capture you immediately and stay in your head for days.”

Creatures Of The Dark Realm was produced by BLOODBOUND, and will be out on May 28th, 2021 through AFM Records, available as CD, DVD, Boxsets and several highly limited, collectable LP Gatefold Editions.

Creatures Of The Dark Realm Tracklisting:
1. The Creatures Preludium
2. Creatures Of The Dark Realm
3. When Fate Is Calling
4. Ever Burning Flame
5. Eyes Come Alive
6. Death Will Lead The Way
7. Gathering Of Souls
8. Kill Or Be Killed
9. The Gargoyles Gate
10. March Into War
11. Face Of Evil
12. The Wicked And The Weak