BRUCE DICKINSON On His Public School Days: ‘I Sent Two Tons Of Horses**t To My Housemaster’

Bruce Dickinson 2023

Before releasing his first solo album in almost two decades, titled The Mandrake Project, Bruce Dickinson, the lead vocalist of IRON MAIDEN, spoke to The Telegraph.

Dickinson’s parents were still teenagers when they welcomed their son, leading him to spend much of his childhood under the care of his grandparents. Following a period of attending various schools in Sheffield during his early education, they ultimately enrolled the young Dickinson in a public school.

“I developed my own sort of mini-terrorist organization,” Dickinson laughs. “I sent two tons of horses**t to my housemaster. I was beaten but it was absolutely worth it. Six strokes of a cane and your a*e would bleed, but it was definitely worth it, seeing two tons of steaming horses**t on the front steps of this ornate Georgian facade and thinking, ‘I did that’.”

Asked if metalheads ever mistakenly labeled him as a “posh boy” due to his attendance at a public school,” Bruce responded: “No. I wasn’t a posh lad at all, which is why [my classmates] kicked the s**t out of me at school. I thought they were a bunch of posh cu**s, and I told them that.”

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Dickinson will release his new solo album, The Mandrake Project, on March 1 via BMG. Alongside the album, Bruce also announced an exciting collaboration with Z2 for an upcoming comic series. To the delight of the international comic community, 2,000 exclusive versions of the comic were unveiled at CCXP, adding to the excitement surrounding this extraordinary project.

With ten captivating and innovative tracks, The Mandrake Project promises to be a definitive rock album of 2024, showcasing Bruce Dickinson’s exceptional vocal prowess and his long-standing partnership with co-writer and producer Roy “Z” Ramirez.

Album is available for pre-order from Dickinson‘s official webstore and Amazon here (affiliate link).

Bruce previously said about the album: “So, everybody, everybody on the planet who’s been going, ‘Oh my god. What’s this solo thing gonna be all about when it finally happens?’ Well, it’s finally happening. It’s called ‘The Mandrake Project’, and’ of course, it’s music. But, it’s also much, much, more. More than that, I’m not gonna reveal for now, ’cause it will become self-explanatory and self-evident as we go through and reveal more layers of the onion for you all.”

“But, yeah, The Mandrake Project. We’ve been working on this since 2014, when it wasn’t called The Mandrake Project. And it’s had time to grow and mature. And, oh my God, has it ever. I think you will be really, really excited. And, I hope you love everything that we’ve created for you.”

The Mandrake Project track listing:

  1. Afterglow Of Ragnarok
  2. Many Doors To Hell
  3. Rain On The Graves
  4. Resurrection Men
  5. Fingers In The Wounds
  6. Eternity Has Failed
  7. Mistress Of Mercy
  8. Face In The Mirror
  9. Shadow Of The Gods
  10. Sonata (Immortal Beloved)

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