Celestivl – Tentimestwo

Symphonic Metal is a very controvertial subgenre of Metal – well, as a matter of  fact, Metal is controvertial itself – not only because of its music, but because of bands themselves. In a way, Symphonic is the Hard Rock of the new millenia. If one pushes it harder, it’s allowed to say that most Symphonic Metal songs are made to play on radio. Well, if there were still radio stations out there to play them. A song as “Sabrina (I’ll Cover You)” isn’t that far from it with its instrumentals full of keyboards and sweet melody. So, for some, it would be easy to slam Celestivl because of it. But, hold your horses because it’s not the right time yet.

Okay, “Tentimestwo” might not be the heaviest of all, but it does have its good times when the mix grand symphonic and Metal aggression is at their best. Let’s take tittle track “TenTimesTwo” for instance whose motto is a bold mix of symphonic, electronic, and grand vocals seasoned with sharp guitar and some fast drumming. A track where vocals take the lead to produce a weird, but effective track. Not to mention opening track “Melisandre” where this formula works best with greater guitars and vocals with a very interesting use of echos. That’s what Celestivl do best writing some great melodies and some catchy tunes with inspired guitar shreads.

As I said before, you may like it or not, Symphonic plays an important role in modern Metal today. It’s the point of entry to Metal itself because it attracts fans of other genres to Metal. For a die hard extreme metaller, may not cause any harm, but to a popper, they may be the entrance to the world of real great music. When it comes to me, I really like them just because I like to cool of after listening to Extreme Metal. It works as a catharsis to have its counterpoint. Or vice-versa. In short, Symphonic Metal is the dream, Extreme Metal is the nightmare. I guess you should try it sometime. Well, much better than listen to pop, isn’t it?

Celestivl “TenTimesTwo” will be released on May 06th.

Track Listing:

  1. Melisandre
  2. Shatered Pictures
  3. My Place in the Stars
  4. Spires
  5. Along the Way
  6. Blasphemous
  7. Sabrina (I’ll Cover You)
  8. Once, Inside a Dream
  9. TenTimesTwo

Watch “Blasphemous” official video here: