Tim Aymar

Vocalist Tim Aymar, who is best known for his work with PHARAOH, HELIOS and CONTROL DENIED, has sadly passed away at the age of 59.

News was confirmed by his bandmates in PHARAOH. They wrote: “We are very sorry to share the awful news of the passing of Pharaoh’s one and only singer, Tim Aymar. Tim has meant so much to so many people, whose hearts are suddenly flooded with sadness but also memories of his life and music. We look forward to sharing some of our own memories when the right time has come. Until then, we are joined in sorrow and gratitude with all of Tim‘s family, friends, fans, and fellow musicians.”

At this time, the reason for Tim‘s death has not been disclosed. However, merely days before he died, Tim was sharing on his Facebook page that he had a bout of food poisoning.

Tim Aymar‘s career as a vocalist began in 1985 when he joined the music group 313. After that, he went on to be part of TRIPLE X and recorded an album with them. He is most known for his powerful vocals in Chuck Schuldiner‘s CONTROL DENIED on their only album, 1999’s The Fragile Art of Existence.