COREY TAYLOR Becomes Orange Amps Ambassador

Corey Taylor Orange Amps

Orange Amplification have announced that Corey Taylor has become one of the company’s Ambassadors. A talented multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer, Taylor is considered one of the greatest front men in Heavy Metal today.

Taylor has just released his much anticipated second solo album, CMF2, a follow up to his debut solo album, CMFT. His latest album really raises the game, it has plenty of the nu-metal / blues his fans love, plus something softer in the love songs to his wife. It is an enthralling insight into this charismatic performer, also known as the front man of Grammy Award winning SLIPKNOT and on hiatus STONE SOUR.

Taylor kicks off his latest solo tour in the USA before travelling to the UK, Europe and Australia; his Orange Rockerverb 100 MKIII and PPC412 Cabinet will be accompanying him. The Rockerverb MKIII amp is a real workhorse and master of all trades. It offers a clean channel with versatile lower and mid tones whilst the dirty channel provides classic British Crunch through to the heaviest modern metal and everything in between. The PPC412 cabinet, built for life on the road, has a near legendary status amongst guitarists for its superb tone and robust build.

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