Damnation Defaced – Invader From Beyond

It seems that melodic death metal is the Metal subgenre which has reached a great importance and presence these days because of bands such as ArchEnemy and Amon Amarth, for instance. That worldwide view may have its pros and cons. I won’t argue about them here. But the point is that melodeth has reached its peak point. Thus, it gets more and more difficult to stand out from this sea of bands.  Creativity must talk stronger. That said we can go to the real subject of this review which is Damnation Defaced with “Invader From Beyond.”

First of all, I have to point out that I’m a huge, but huge fan, of melodic death metal. Unfortunately, I have reviewed  only a few  melodeth bands here. I liked them all. So, when you think you’ve had enough from a Metal style comes Damnation Defaced with “Invader From Beyond” to change everything. Damnation Defaced with “Invader From Beyond” took melodic death metal to another level of melody and aggression. And for sure we must be glad because things chance. And evolve.

I’ve written here that what impresses me most in melodeth is the constrast between the brutal gutural vocals with melodic guitar lines. That’s exactly what Damnation Defaced do better. Some instrumental passages are remarkable as in “Back From Apathy” where vocalist Philipp Bischoff attempts to make a melodic line of vocals using the gutural style. Vocals can get even more gloomier as in “The Observer,” which gives it an atmosphere of absolute despair. Can it get any better? Yes, it can. The following track, “The Creator’s Fall,”  is even more mesmerazing. The main guitar riff is simple, but effective. The use of orchestral choruses also highlights Damnation Defaced music, giving it a grandiousseness you can check in “Goddess Of Machines.” Guitar work is also damn fine tuned with it. Damnation Defaced also go far from the obvious in the lyrics. They are about science fiction, future concerns, and the evolution of mankind. That’s why the the intro has the unspeakable name of “NIOM: 004D004F0049004E.”

Reviewing professionaly gives you the opportunity of knowing many cool bands. As my method of writing reviews, I listen to albums a bunch of times. It depends on how soon I get the band. Sometimes I have to listen  to them over and over. I had to do it to Damnation Defaced  “Invader From Beyond,” but it was for pure pleasure and personal delight. My luck and yours. I strongly recommend Damnation Defaced  “Invader From Beyond” as your new favorite band.

Track Listing:

  1. NIOM: 004D004F0049004E
  2. Goddess Of Machines
  3. Invader From Beyond
  4. Mark Of Cain
  5. The Observer
  6. The Key To Your Voice
  7. Rendezvous With Destiny
  8. All Comes To Its End
  9. Back From Apathy
  10. The Creator’s Fall
  11. Embraced By Infinity

Damnation Defaced  “Invader From Beyond will conquer the beyond on October 06th via Apostasy Records.

Watch “Invader From Beyond” official video here: